Thursday, March 09, 2006

Works in Progress

Awoke early this a.m. with an urge to work on my current projects. I've got several things in the works.

A larger abstract piece of greys and taupes with orange;

my sister collaboration "Portal";

a small format series for the upcoming Ricky Tims show MicroCosmos: Little Worlds;

and a self portrait in analgous colors.

This seems to be the way I work...flitting from project to project until one is done then I start another to fit in. Little chance of boredom!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

ArtQuilts images...surprise!

I entered this piece on a whim to the photoimage based exhibit, ArtQuilts images sponsored by PAQA - South and juried by Hollis Chatelain and Carolyn Mazloomi. It's a simple small collage with a couple different techniques for the photo transfer (learned from Leslie Riley in Houston last year). I like it but didn't really think it would be show material...just goes to show you, you can't really predict what the jurors/judges will like or how it might fit into a particular show!

10" x13"

Small Wonders 2006

This little piece was accepted in the Small Wonders show this year going to Chicago and Houston. The name of the piece is "Wheels" and is heavily beaded with crystals, pearls and glass beads on handpainted velvet and quilted and edged with perle cotton

Sunday, March 05, 2006


This piece is going to Anne Copeland's traveling exhibit, Changing Perspectives. It was made of another quilt deconstructed (slashed into strips and bits and sewn back together). Great fun! What else can I cut up?

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