Thursday, April 13, 2006

MicroCosmos: Little Worlds

Update: I went down to see the show Memorial Day weekend and it was a delight! Lots of variety, whimsical, highly embellished, colorful, just about everything you could think of from American and international artists. I was also happy to find out my pieces have been sold. LaVeta is a gorgeous place and the Tims Gallery is a great space.

My entry to the Ricky Tims Gallery show: MicroCosmos: Little Worlds was accepted!

The purpose of the MicroCosmos challenge is for quilt artists to quickly create small, improvisational expressions based on a theme. Each entry into MicroCosmos is a triptych of three separate miniature, improvisational works, each measuring exactly 5 x 7 inches. The following three subjects are represented individually in the three works: Tree of Life, Winds of Change, and Fields of Gold.

It was great fun to do these little worlds and I hope to get down to LaVeta, CO to see the show, which is showing May 26 to June 15. The show will consist of approximately 50 different triptychs

Monday, April 03, 2006

Denver National Quilt Festival

My two entries to DNQF 2006 were accepted!

"Russian Cathedrals"
29" x 37"
raw edge applique embellished with glass beads

19" x 46"
A collaboration with my sister, a painter/collage artist. She painted the whole cloth and I added applique and quilting

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